Industrial Consultancy Services

Industrial Consultancy Services

We better talk first about what a project is and then see if we can come up with something better. There are certain areas of expertise that are required for a project team to manage projects in the most effective way. High Decision makers, the attraction is not just access to information that such solutions provide. Indeed, the biggest attraction is the ability to analyze and act upon this information in timely manner. Of course, having sufficient number of high quality analysts in place is critical to achieving such aim. But this must be supplemented by the right management consultant, as well as the provision of board level support. Then we can begin to the level of collaboration between experts, business managers, and technical leaders. As long as companies are doing the same sorts of things that they always did, this type of organization works well. Each person has a boss who knows what that person’s job is and how well the person does it. The boss knows how to administer salaries, training and all the other administrative things that employees need. However by being familiar, the problem with this kind of organization is that it is difficult to make a change in what people do.

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Barry is the project manager of the WHP 7Bbasin Project. Quality audits of the deliverables show there are several problems. Management has asked Barry to create a chart showing the distribution of problems and their frequencies. Management wants which of the following?

  • Control chart
  • Ishikawa chart
  • Pareto diagram
  • Flow chart


C Management wants Barry to create a Pareto diagram. Recall that a Pareto diagram maps out the causes of defects and illustrates their frequency.

A is incorrect because a control chart does not identify the problems, only the relation of the results to the expected mean.

B is incorrect because a cause-and effect diagram does not map out the frequency of problems.

D is also incorrect as flow charts shows how a process moves through a system and how the components are related.

Final Solution, & answer

Pareto diagrams are conceptually related to Pareto’s Law, which holds that a relatively small number of causes will typically produce a large majority of the problems or defects.

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