QA /QC services

QA/QC Services

Orbit international Survey Services (ORBITISS) offers customized, knowledge-based services to clients such as:

  • Welder qualification, WPS & PQR.
  • Quality awareness to improve the process and reduce cost of Quality COQ.
  • Audit and Assist to achieve ISO 9001-2015.
  • Assist API 2B certification by API.
  • Client approved inspector to assist the contractor.
  • Investigation and preventive action etc.

One of the incident that occurred due to poor quality performance from external interfaces, was on a Jacket skirt sleeve PS-2 which popped out completely and landed on the BCPA jacket top framing. Its investigation findings are reported as below:

While setting the jacket into the seabed during the installation of ONGC Jacket BCPA, the buoyancy tank on skirt sleeve PS-2 popped out completely and landed on the BCPA jacket top framing.


  • Design calculation based on the analysis performed concludes that this incident occurred as a result of the structurally inadequate clip connection of the buoyancy tank with the skirt pile guide. Section properties of the clip were likely incorrectly evaluated by the main contractor – possibly the assessment of the stress check or the load path.
  • The failure analysis lab reports by OHSIS concludes that the failure occurred due to an additional filler plate (padding) incorrectly welded and very poor welding on main failure areas.
  • Incident Report indicates that nine personnel were working on the B4 leg area, about 20 meters from where the buoyancy tank fell. No personnel were injured during the incident.
  • QA/QC investigation on the barge observed the above points immediately after the incident and requested further investigation and further tests.

Lessons learned & Preventive actions:

The incidents occurred due to poor quality performance from external interfaces (clients/ fabricators/ subcontractor), a factor not specified in the contract scope. The consequence of failure in their system resulted in a financial loss to the installation contractor. Preventive measures to handle these consequences were not in place prior to start of installation activities.

As a preventive action, establish a common check list applicable to all stages regardless of contractor, client’s premises, locations (marine, yard, vendor or clients) etc.

Review and develop contract, scope and procedures that will sufficiently protect from similar events.

Establish level 2 (operational) procedures, including a common check list, after developing awareness throughout the organization.

Such a professional investigation and recommending a preventive action utilize the services of Orbit International Survey Services.


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