TPI Services

TPI Services

Orbit International Survey Services professional and knowledgeable staff represents your interests on-site. Our inspectors and supervisors are degreed engineers with additional accredited qualifications.

When services are required in an area where coverage is currently not available, we are able to secure local engineers or arrange travel for our engineers in order to accommodate the request.

  • Witness Vendor shop site tests as may be requested by Company.
  • Pre-shipment inspection: Issuance of inspection certificate for each inspected main equipment or material.
  • Review the Recommissioning, Commissioning and start –up procedures of the activities.
  • Check the endorsed “As built” information being compiled by the contractor.
  • Production inspection: In process inspection, carry out final inspection and certify the pressure vessels.
  • Attend and certify any pressure test (including cleaning, flushing, drying).
  • Check main electrical distribution equipment before energization.
  • Witness load/functional tests on the lifting devices. Carry out final inspection and certify accordingly the lifting devices.

We routinely manage project demand fluctuations within and across countries. We are able to train and deploy engineers within days, for projects of all sizes, so that bookings are completed in the time required.

Contact : TPI Coordinator, Orbit International Survey Services LLC, a Professional services firm which is into Industrial Inspection, testing and Consultant’s services since 2006 in UAE – Tel: +97165757499.