Welding and Pipeline Specialist

Welding and Pipeline Specialist

Welding Inspector shall review the WPS and PQR to verify they are acceptable for the welding to be done. While there are many ways to review a welding procedure, the most effective one utilizes a systematic approach that assures a complete and thorough review of the WPS and PQR to verify that all Section IX and construction and repair code requirements have been satisfied.

The initial step is to verify that the WPS has been properly completed and addresses the requirements of section IX and the construction code. The second step is to verify that the PQR has been properly completed and  addresses all the requirements of section IX and the construction code and repair code. The third step is to confirm the PQR essential variable values properly support the range specified in WPS.

These 3 steps seem so simple but 100’s of Welding inspectors and Engineers interviewed by us were found hard to answer after many years’ of experience because, the lack of awareness and semi-skill. So, we strongly suggest you to leave this task to Orbit international survey Services, We will train your inspectors, provide you Skilled inspectors and welding engineers to save your cost and avoid your clients hassle. Pipeline Specialist knows the fitness for purpose criteria and provide more generous allowable imperfection sizes, but only when additional procedure qualification test, stress analysis and inspections are performed.

Orbit International Survey specialist know the acceptance standard in relative section and are based on empirical criteria for workman ship and plays primary importance on imperfection length. Such criteria have provided an excellent record of reliability in pipeline services for many years. Many can say accept or Reject but Fracture mechanic analysis and fitness for purpose criteria is an alternative method for determining acceptance standard and incorporate evaluation of both imperfection height and imperfection.

So, find out alternative to un professional suppliers and un ethical services, as it could damage your property and time. May be your choice could be Orbit International Survey Services.

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